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1962 Chevy Nova

1962 Chevy Nova

Greg The Mechanic changed the starter in this really nice old Chevy Nova.  Such a nice car to work on, tons of room, looks great and was made to last  in this Chevy Nova 6 cylinder. The starter is so easy to change. Why can’t they all be this easy, unhook the battery unhook the wires from the back of the starter, raise the car in the air remove the shield that’s protecting the flywheel, two bolts and the starter is out. To put it in is just as easy an hours labor would be the right  price to pay.  Greg liked this car so much he felt a couple of pictures were need to show it off!

bright red looks great

Look at the red

Bright red inside, soft white outside, looks as good today as it did in 1962.  Its been looked after and it shows.

Next Greg The Mechanic worked on a hot muscle car from 1987  this jet black beast tore the streets up and no doubt burned up some tires in the process.


Jet black and very fast. Anyone who has driven this car will say the G force is waiting is to be let loose. With less than 20 thousand made in 87 and who knows how many were driven into the ground. This car is lucky to still be with us and being enjoyed.


This year in Orillia we took a lot of old car photos at the downtown car show of 2011. The slide show looks so great it’s being displayed on my site. One of the things that we can’t show you is the sound these old girls make, to hear them rumble to life and drive away is always a treat for me.  Here’s a little secret I’m going to share with you, when the show is over and the cars are leaving Orillia it sounds like a stock car race. It’s worth hanging out till the very end!

I would like to thank all owners of these classic cars for coming to Orillia and showing off their great cars. We love seeing you here every year so keep on showing up and we will too.

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